Mahurin has spent the last 30 years creating political and social illustrations for Time, Newsweek, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, Esquire, The London Observer and New York Times Op-Ed pages and magazines; photo essays on The Texas Prison System, Abortion Clinics, Mental Hospitals, Haiti, Belfast, and Nicaragua; publishing three collections of fine art photography; and directing music videos for U2, Tom Waits, David Byrne, Ice -T, Tracy Chapman, Metallica, Sting, REM, Lou Reed, and Joni Mitchell. He is also a filmmaker whose work is in collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.


Born in a hospital perched on a seaside cliff in the surf capital of Santa Cruz, California, sixty years ago, I began an adventure that nurtured my early artistic calling. My teenage years took me to the suburban sprawl of southern California where I made the decision to make a living making art. After paying my way through Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design by creating political illustrations for The Los Angeles Times, I left my west coast nest for the wide open opportunity of New York City—and the world beyond. Thirty years later, I have returned to my beloved homeland to be reborn as a middle-age butterfly.

Be it a painting or poem, sculpture or song, every piece of art is a discovery—an invention of the imagination—compelling the artist to become an intrepid voyager on a journey through life and self: a journey not taken for the glory of any final destination of victory, but chosen for the privilege to pursue a passion with purpose.

The creative voice is a universal form of expression—not only capable of crossing boundaries of language, culture, and the ages, but transcending the human failings of hate, fear, and ignorance. To be in possession of such a unique and potent gift is to be blessed with great potential and charged with great responsibility. I long ago replaced the word creating with the word sharing and California Son is my opportunity to share the journey I began sixty years ago.” - Matt Mahurin